Ahhh, Spring!

Finally, Spring! We are so happy to see blooming flowers, green grass and sunshine. Wedding season is in full swing at Oak Hill and we are thrilled to be back in action! Our 2016 brides are bringing new inspiration to the venue and we love it. Some of the trends we are seeing are:

  • Couples today want a wedding that showcases who they are, that’s a fun experience for their guests,  and that won’t look or feel dated — ever. 22-KalinBrian-2034
  • Couples are increasingly looking for ways to bring in elements of places that hold special memories — no matter where the actual wedding is being held. Naming tables after places they’ve traveled or including keepsakes from special vacations is becoming popular.18-130039687652325120
  • Lighting is key. Couples want to create a more romantic and intimate environment and the right lighting can create both. Oak Hill features plenty of warm, bistro lighting in the reception tent, tree path, fire pit and a (new) lighted canopy over our raised bed garden.IMG_3802
  • Seating arrangements are changing and the traditional round table of 8 is going by the wayside. Mixing the style of tables to include both round and banquet tables is popular as well as designing a pattern of tables in the reception space. Farm tables are all the rage – linens not necessary for these!farm table
  • Metals, coral, blush and navy are popular color and texture trends.f5f101232514703c762174975d82323f

Can’t wait to see what new tabletop, food and beverage trends arise in the next few months!