Our Story

Our Story

I have spread my dreams beneath your feet
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
W. B. Yeats

What started as a dream has turned into a passion.

About 40 years ago, Oak Hill became part of our family. It was purchased as a weekend home but quickly became much more as we poured our hearts and souls into refurbishing the barns and main home on the property. For 23 years, my mother and father, Sandy and Duane Wolfram, transformed the 19th century, crumbling farm into a gathering place for their family and friends that rivaled no other. In 1996 my father passed away suddenly. His wish was to rest on the property which he adored. We were initially denied a permit to create a family cemetery on our property but we worked diligently to overturn that decision.

Soon after, a rumor spread in the community that what we needed to create our cemetery was to have a church on site. It wasn’t long before a knock came to the door. A member of a neighboring church, St. John’s, told us their country church needed a home. The congregation had built a new church and could no longer afford to keep up the old one. The suggestion was to “Take the church and move it to your property; it will be the answer to both our prayers”.

Our dream was becoming a reality and the county ultimately issued us a permit for our family cemetery. We moved St. John’s church to Oak Hill and placed my father in his final resting ground. My husband and I were the first to be married in the newly restored church and from there we’ve invited many to share in our joy and experience Oak Hill for themselves. The last 15 years of our lives has been touched by the many couples who have been captivated by the magic of Oak Hill. We invite you to share in our joy and experience Oak Hill.

– Doug & Becky Riedl (and children Emma, Anna, Matthew & Claire)  and Sandy Wolfram