The Chapel at Oak Hill

The Chapel at Oak Hill is an exquisite 1860’s treasure, completely restored to its original condition but with modern amenities such as heat, A/C and a sound system as well as a piano. For added charm, allow us to transport you to your ceremony via our 1931 Ford Model A or horse-drawn Carriage.


St. John’s was built in Guilford Township, about 14 miles from Oak Hill Farm, by German immigrants on land purchased for $10. Completed in 1868 and dedicated on September 18, 1870, the building offered its first wedding on June 2, 1874. Services were delivered in German until 1928 and after nearly a century, regular services ended in 1969, after which the church was rarely used.

St. John’s was moved to Oak Hill on September 18, 1996, 126 years to the day of its original dedication date. The first wedding at Oak Hill was my own on June 27, 1998. We started the business in 2000 and have hosted close to a thousand weddings since then! We would love to share with you the unique and memorable experience of Oak Hill Farm.