To me, making a memory has a lot (okay, almost everything) to do with the details. When it comes to weddings, there are so many ways – and most of them are super simple – to make your day stand out. Here are the top five ideas that we love – Your choice of venue speaks the most about who you are as a couple and sets the tone for the party. Whether you are dreaming of a wooded wonderland, a ceremony overlooking the water or a simple white church on a hill, Oak Hill has you covered! If you like twinkle lights, this is your place. The snacks! Who doesn’t love a candy or popcorn buffet (super cute set up in our Country Store)?! Food trucks – yes, please! Coffee and donuts at 10:30pm? SIGN ME UP! There are so many ways to surprise and please your guests (and yourselves!). Provide s’more ingredients at the firepit, incorporate a family cookie recipe into your sweets table or provide candied apples in the schoolhouse. The possibilities are delicious! The drinks! Who doesn’t love an open bar? No one! Many couples who want to limit the alcohol provided choose to serve a few options of mixed drinks along with beer, wine and soft drinks. Other couples choose to provide everything under the sun and that’s fine too! Signature drinks are especially popular and often go with the Oak Hill’s theme of country elegance. We’ve even seen drink signs featuring our donkeys…Earl’s Choice and JoJo’s Choice! Personalizing a program with a timeline of the wedding day and adding a map of our venue goes a long way with guests. When couples are making the most of the various spaces at Oak Hill, it is helpful to include a map that describes what is happening when and where. Guests are much more likely to visit the Country Store, Schoolhouse and Firepit if they know what is featured in each location. Entertainment…even if dancing the night away is your vision, it may not be for every one of your guests. Offering a photobooth (stay tuned for our vintage camper soon to be unveiled!), the firepit, lawn games or even trivia on each table can be great ways to keep your guests engaged for the entire evening. Oh, and cue our miniature donkeys Earl & JoJo to add some special interest to your event! Some additional[...]